We help you differentiate and brand your product/services In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, uniqueness is valued above all else. If a buyer cannot differentiate your product from your competitor’s you become nothing more than a commodity. The competition for pricing between commodities is always a race to the bottom, a race you do not want to participate in. Don’t let your product or service be perceived as a commodity. We work with you to discover all your wonderfully unique qualities and broadcast them to the world.


 We create a custom tailored questionnaire to be filled out anonymously by all relevant internal stakeholders. The questionnaire examines what you are saying about yourself, what you think you are saying about yourself, and what you would like to be saying about yourself. We synthesize the responses, and gather intelligence about your competition. Then, using that information we guide an intensive session with everyone who has a voice in creating and sharing your message.


Sometimes fun, sometimes painful, always interesting, always productive. During this intensive collaborative session, we explore your questionnaire responses, debate your answers, and create a new consensus driven statement that vividly depicts the unique qualities and value of your business.