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Numbers Tell A Story
Learn to create and visualize data stories that engage your audience. Data without context is meaningless. Wrap your numbers in a story to give them power and meaning. This interactive workshop lays the same foundation of business storytelling found in Story 101 and then adds a layer of data conceptualization and visualization. Day One is a mixture of lecture and hands-on storytelling practice with a focus on data driven stories. The centerpiece of the Numbers Tell A Story session is a take-home assignment that encourages participants to use the skill set introduced in Day One’s session. On Day Two,  participants convert an existing or, “work-in–progress,” data presentation into a story driven data visualization. Then, applying the basic storytelling skills acquired from Day One, they present their data story to the workshop and receive feedback. The, “Numbers,” workshop takes place over two consecutive days in four-hour installments, with repeated morning and afternoon sessions on each day. Maximum number of participants is 28, no more than 14 in a session.