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Our original and essential course teaches you all the basics in an energetic workshop format that alternates lecture and practice. Day One is a combination of lecture and storytelling practice, with a focus on skills diagnosis and fundamental techniques. The centerpiece of the Story 101 session is a take-home assignment that encourages participants to use the skill set introduced in Day One’s session. Participants start with PowerPoint or outline-based presentations that they’ve delivered in the past and then transform the information into compelling, emotionally connective stories. On Day Two, participants deliver their newly developed stories for feedback and critique. It’s a valuable firsthand experience that shows how to reach an audience and drive them to action without relying on bulleted slides or other crutches. The essential Story 101 workshop takes place over two consecutive days in four-hour installments, with identical morning and afternoon session on each day. Each session accommodates up to 14 people, for a maximum attendance of 28 people. Participants have some flexibility in scheduling and can switch between morning and afternoon sessions on the two days. (However, no session shall exceed the maximum of 14 attendees.)