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Story 101 + One – On – Ones
Benefit from intensive one-on-one coaching designed to perfect storytelling skills in a course that augments our essential Story 101 group workshop with a personal touch. Ideal for smaller groups who want a deeper understanding of the process, this two-day course contains all of the lectures and group work from our Story 101 workshop. Mornings are spent on lectures and group presentations, while afternoons are broken out into individual sessions. A detailed critique sharpens content while intensive one-on-one guidance hones the participant’s oral delivery style. The individual afternoon session on Day One guides each participant in deconstructing a previous business presentation. The particular focus is to identify the “audience takeaway” — the main idea (or ideas) that listeners should be able to remember and repeat to others. In the individual afternoon session on Day Two, each participant delivers his or her newly developed story without the crutch of PowerPoint. The Story 101 Plus One-on-One workshop takes place over two consecutive days. The time commitment for participants is four hours each morning, with a personalized forty-five minute session each afternoon.