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Branding For Non-Profits


Do you want your sales people to listen to their client’s stories

Listening is as much a part of storytelling as speaking. Answering questions in a fashion that engenders respect not fear or disdain is an art form. Our interactive storytelling workshops in listening and leadership  are the road to great customer service.

NON-PROFITS Non-Profits must serve two audiences with their messages and marketing; donors and potential consumers. The HollywoodWay helps you market your story to both.
DONORS Attracting donors to your non-profit requires telling your story in its most emotionally evocative fashion. No one has ever written a check based on facts alone. You have to connect your brand’s  facts, with your audience’s emotions to move them to take action. The HollywoodWay will help you shape your story to do just that. Then, we will work with you to market it through the most effective channels in the most visually arresting fashion so that your non-profit shines out from the crowd.
CONSUMERS You have to connect with your target audiences in the language they are most comfortable with. Institutional speak won’t do that. We work with 501c3’s to develop client persona’s that allow you to speak to your audiences, in their language and place your messages where they are most likely to be received. Often, we will create a parallel website, or pages so the people you want to help can easily access valuable information and communicate with you and each other.